The drive

Forget John Elway’s epic 4th quarter drive. This one is going to be one for the ages. I leave tomorrow; in less that 24 hours. It’ll take me three days and I’ll be in Decatur for a good four days getting adjusted and preparing for my first day next Monday. I couldn’t be more excited.

Now, I’ve driven long distances, but never this long, never by myself, and never back-to-back-to-back. Perhaps the closest thing I could think of was when I went to Salt Lake City to see the MLS All-Star game and drove 9 hours one day and then 9 hours back two days later (or was it the next day? I think so). Whatever the case was, this drive is a little different. When I was on the phone with my landlord, she thought I was crazy for driving out there. Well, at least she was shocked.


Three days of driving through New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, (the southwestern tip of) Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and finally Georgia. Not too shabby, eh? So how does it all break down? I’m glad you asked. The times are rounded from Google Maps.

Day One (to Amarillo, TX – 11h 45m)

Tonight I’ll be staying at my father’s place up in Scottsdale so when I leave in the AM I won’t have to drive north in rush hour from Chandler. Hopefully I’ll be able to bypass most of it from leaving further north. I’ll go north and get to the 40, which will take me all the way across the south. By the time I hit Albuquerque, It’ll be the halfway point for day one, so I’ll try and get out and relax. Maybe post a photo real quick. Then I’ll make what will probably be the most boring stretch of my drive. As of right now, I haven’t booked a motel. Usually I do, and probably will. The only reason I didn’t was because I didn’t know if I’d be leaving tomorrow or Wednesday. However, if I keep pushing back  my leave date I would feel super rushed. I’ll look for a super cheap motel right after this.

Day Two (to Little Rock, AR – 9h 30m)

Another boring drive? Maybe. But I’m looking forward to stopping over in OKC to see the memorial for the bombing. I remember when my family was first moving to AZ and we drove to see the site. It was so heart wrenching. I was back there years later, and would like to make another stop. It’s also a logistical stopping point because it’s the halfway marker for day two. Of course I’ll be taking the 40 all the way across. My dad said last time he was driving back from Maine that there was construction on the interstate around Little Rock. I’m pretty sure it will either be not as terrible or completely gone. It’s just still something I have to keep in mind.

Day Three (to Decatur, GA – 9h)

Finally! This will be the shortest and most exciting drive. Memphis is only a short ways away from Little Rock, but I’m thinking I’ll stop there just to make an early, quick stop and post a photo here. I’ll finally get off of the 40 and take the 22 t the 20. It’ll probably be a straight drive to Decatur. Definitely the easiest of the drives. Because I haven’t contacted my landlord to pick up my key yet (I’ll probably do it when I’m in OKC) I might stop in Hotlanta for a bit and do some touristy stuff.

That’s pretty much it. Sorry it was boring, but it helps me to think things through better when I write them down. Now everyone will know where I am and I won’t end up like one of those Investigative Discovery shows that my ma loves to watch. Look out for photo updates!


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