Two downpours and one epic traffic delay

After making my way up the mountain to Flagstaff, which kicked my MPG butt, the drive went extremely smooth. Once I left Flagstaff, I finally woke up 100% and was making great time. There was singing, dancing, checking facebook and twitter updates. Then the first ominous sign: my phone died.

Not too big of a deal, but you know, just in case something happened. It also stunk that I couldn’t update the google map on my phone. Which meant I had to figure it all out in my head.

I stopped in Gallup, NM and then felt immediately refreshed and decided against my plan to just go to Amarillo. I knew once I drove straight through Albuquerque that I was going to  push it to OKC.

Amarillo was going to be a pit stop: gas, and try to charge phone. If you saw my facebook post from BN in Amarillo (thanks to my laptop) you saw that I couldn’t charge my phone. But what I didn’t share was that I was in the worst storm I’ve ever driven in. I don’t think I’ve ever used my windshield wipers at such a high speed. It was epic. I teamed up with this bright yellow Penski truck and followed them to safety. That’s when I was in BN and complaining about the lack of outlets. What was even crazier was that it was (semi) perfectly clear in town, but once I was back on the 40, the storm picked up. This time people sucked and I ended up losing some time, before deciding to brave the elements and threw on my highbeams and led the way. Lots of people followed and I felt like the Fellowship of the Ring.

After that, everything went well…until I was 10 miles away from where I wanted to stop. Three lanes on a major highway went down to one. No big deal, right? People can merge. That’s what I thought, until I realized a lot of those semis ahead of me were delivering equipment or something and each one took forever. Forty-five minutes later and I found the motel I wanted to stay at, but it’s…eh. Was a little more expensive I wanted to spend, but that’s not a big deal because:

I’m going to beastmode it and make it to Decatur tomorrow. Screw cutting it into thirds, I’m already halfway through.

Next time I blog, I’ll be at my destination! Sorry this was a boring one. And sorry for pointing it out.


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