Welcome to Atlanta

Last night I felt rushed, cranky, worried, and hot. Tonight I only feel cranky and hot.

A recap? A RECAP!

I left OKC and five minutes down the highway I saw the same motel brand for a cheaper price. I was so angry; then I found super cheap gas and was happy again. I was super worried about whether or not I was going to have to pay for a motel or if my landlord would figure something out (spoiler: flea-bag!).

As I was leaving Oklahoma, I was pulled over for going three miles over the speed limit. I think it had to do with the fact it was drizzling and I passed the Trooper. Got a warning. I thought it was going to slow my day up, but I made it to Little Rock in good time and had McDonald’s, got free WiFi, and enjoyed a good conversation with my dad.

After LR, I had to go through Memphis to Birmingham. From LR to Memphis this cute girl in an SUV used my cruise control and my ability to pass semis to her advantage. I wasn’t hatin’. Come Memphis when I was going south and she was going into downtown, she caught up, gave me a smile, and a wave. I love friendliness on the road.

If you Google map my trip, I was on I-40 the entire way. Until Memphis. I transferred highways like four times in a matter of ten minutes. It was crazy. There was a quick stop in Birmingham, a lot of construction, and a little bit in Georgia, and I made it to ATL. I bumped Ludacris’ “Welcome to Atlanta.” It felt so right. I found my place, but realized I needed a motel…I won’t go into details because a) I hate these recap type of posts and b) I’m tired.

What I will say is that I’m excited to be in Decatur and can’t wait for this internship to start. I’m going to explore my area and the real ATL this weekend. Some good posts ahead.


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