What a weekend

It was my first weekend in Atlanta and I thought it was going to be full of chilling in my bed doing absolutely nothing. Well, I checked out an area called Little Five Points on Friday night. I had heard it was the indie area of town. I was on the phone with my dad as I drove into the area and got way excited. After walking and enjoying the sights I meandered into a pub called the Corner Tavern. Once I found out there was cheap PBR, I was fixed.

I sat at the bar and eventually just jumped into the bartender’s (Sarah) conversation with a patron about film-making and script writing. It was nice because I would never normally do that back in AZ. This led to two fellows on the other side of the writer jumping in. After a rousing game of “Kill, Fuck, Marry” (which had a lot of male choices i.e. Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan, Han Solo, or Indiana Jones) the two guys offered to show me the town on Saturday and invited me to a house party.

Dustin ended up showing me all the places to go and more importantly not to go. I’m going to go back and take photos by myself another day, so I won’t go into the awesome places I saw until photos can be posted.

I went back to his place and met back up with Cooper and their other roommate Lizzy (birthday girl, sorta). The party was super epic and involved going to another neighbors party (all black, by the way) and Dustin and I battle rapped some of them.

So needless to say, things are looking up after a not so fun first day and a half. I start at Paste tomorrow. Super stoked. Also looking for part time jobs. Not super stoked.


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