Paste: Day One

Today was a good day. Got up, got out of bed, and dragged a comb across my head. Then I made my way to the Paste office. Needless to say the teacher in me made me twenty minutes early. I met Josh and Nick, the two founders of the magazine and we talked until other editors came and finally interns started filing in.

During the introductions and the first meeting I played it cool, like a boss, and wasn’t too nervous. Now, if you’ve ever been with me in a new setting I start talking…a lot. But I totally wasn’t a spaz this time around.

I pitched some ideas during the meeting, one of which Bonnie (the editorial editor/in charge of me) thought it’d be a cool feature and wants me to pitch it to Josh. Not that it means I’m awesome or anything, but I’m going to pretend it does.

What we’re normally going to be working on are news blurbs (actually credited), List of the Day (mine will be on Tuesdays starting next week), and Awesome of the Day (which is just a blurb on something awesome, usually a video or a website; mine will be on Saturdays).

I’m definitely looking forward to this internship. J and B remembered I a film nerd and they seemed excited about someone not wanting to do only music. Which is baller because cinemas are expensive compared to Harkins.

As for today, I had three news blurbs published. Here’s the links:

That’s basically it. Hopefully tomorrow is just as terrific.









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