Song of the Day: “Fuck It All” – Childish Gambino

Everyday (or as often as I remember/have time for) I will select song of the day and post some commentary.

Childish Gambino is easily one of my top 10 artists of all time. Probably near the top. Why? Because he takes what makes rap great and makes it accessible for me.

While our lives are vastly different, we have similarities in certain aspects. I’ve always said “Fuck It All” was one of my favorite tracks because the lyrics feel so real. I won’t say a lot more, but I want you to read these lines and then listen to the track.

“I really, really miss her, sometimes I wanna fuck it all
Mix some warm Guinness with 20 tablets of Tylenol
Call ‘em while I’m drifting off, tell her that I love her so
Parents crying harder ‘cause I didn’t even leave a note
Saying that I’m selfish and I’m sorry that I left
But it hurts so much to wake up and I left you guys a check
‘Cause I ain’t fuckin’ happy, you don’t know shit about me
I think it started when she said she happier without me
I really can’t blame her ‘cause I’m happier without me”


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