‘The Real World’ challenge

I realize the title of this post can be confusing because of the MTV show The Challenge, which I also love. But this is to introduce a challenge I have placed upon myself. Simply put: watch as many seasons of The Real World as possible on Hulu+ within the week of my free trial. I’m starting tonight and will hopefully make it through quite a handful of seasons.

Why The Real World?

Good question. A long time ago I wrote about why I loved the show, but have since deleted the post. Basically it boils down to I love reality television. While recent seasons have become ridiculous, I recall the early seasons being pretty powerful. I don’t really remember a lot of them seeing as I was so young, but I do recall watching them with my older sister.

I texted Ash earlier today and she told me, “Seattle [season seven, 1998] and Hawaii [season eight, 1999] are the best. Then it gets bad in the first Vegas season [12, 2002-03].”

I remember very little about those seasons and told Ash that my favorites were New Orleans [season nine, 2000], Chicago [season 11, 2002], San Diego [season 14, 2004] and Austin [season 16, 2005]. The latter two were the ones that I watched when they first aired week after week. They were the only two that I did this for.

All of this boils down to one thing: watch as many of the first seasons as possible. It starts tonight and I’ll post here and there about the seasons (if I have time).


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