How I stopped sucking and learned to love ‘Modern Family’

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes (albeit not a lot) I am wrong. It mainly comes from my stubbornness. In the case of Modern Family, I felt like I needed to fight against it simply because I missed the boat and everyone told me how terrific it was; I was tired of mockumentaries; and it wasn’t on my beloved NBC.

My head was far up my ass on this one. I fought hard to denounce a show I only had seen two episodes of. The first one, I can’t even remember what it’s about, was awful. Maybe not awful, but I just didn’t connect. And by the time I saw a second one, I had already written it off.

I have been sorely missing out the past two and a half years (it’s in its third season). I know I’ve been unfairly criticizing the show and recently I got sucked into watching the third season on Hulu Plus. I’ve been told this season isn’t as amazing as the first two and now I am excitedly looking forward to watching those Emmy Award-winning episodes.

Thus far my favorite episode has been “Virgin Territory.” The parallels between fixing a doll and a father finding out his eldest daughter lost her virginity had me rolling on the floor. (Note: I haven’t seen all of this season just yet, so we’ll see if this changes.)

I still have a problem enjoying Manny. At first I didn’t like Gloria either, but I came to terms that it was probably just because she beat out someone I was rooting for to win an Emmy. However, Manny is just too precocious for me. I get it: it’s cute and adorable he’s like a middle-aged man. He has some great moments, but I’m already weary of the shtick.

To everyone who told me I was crazy for not liking ABC’s Modern Family: thanks for adamantly telling me I was an idiot for never giving it a chance. I’ve stopped sucking and learned to love the two-time defending Best Comedy Series.


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