Where We Are Now: Episode One

I’ve wanted to do some sort of podcast for awhile. This is a very lo-fi and crude version of something I want to do when I have more time and the equipment to do it. It’s called Where We Are Now. Which sounds weird, but it’s an idea based off of a short story based off of something that happened to me. Basically, the title is just me wanting to explore what life is like right now on a variety of different aspects. This is an extremely rough draft just to see if people are interested in listening to me talk to people. You can hear the audio problems at the beginning because I don’t have a microphone and don’t know how to use editing equipment.

I also want to thank my good friend Liam McCormack, who plays music under the name yellowbirddd, for letting me use one of his songs at the beginning and end of the episode.

I got kind of nerdy and created this official synopsis:

Adam Vitcavage interviews writers, artists, musicians, actors, and the average citizen to find out what life is like in modern America. He explores where we have been and tries to discover where we are now.

This project, which will be pretty lo-fi, may not come out often. When it does, it will consist of interviews with writers, artists, musicians, actors, and the average citizen to see what life is like in modern America.

Today’s interview is with Kristopher Jansma. He’s the author of Why We Came to the City as well as a creative writing professor. His new novel is about the poignant story of a group of twenty-somethings coming to terms with one of their close friend unexpectedly dying of cancer. It was based on the writer’s own experience of his sister’s passing at the age of 22.

You can read the full interview with the author at Volume 1 Brooklyn. But what you’re about to hear focuses on his career as a creative writing instructor at SUNY New Paltz and Sarah Lawrence College.


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