30 podcasts from 2016 you need to subscribe to

Podcasts are trendier than ever now. Which is a grand thing to say. There’s a lot out there – some top notch, some not so much – and trying to find the right one for you is tricky. Here are 30 I listen to that I suggest to a lot of people I meet. Most of them are the “mainstream” ones, because I haven’t done much of a deep dive. Chances are you’ve listened to most of these if you love podcasts, but if you haven’t listened to much, you should definitely check some out.

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Gut reaction picks: 88th Annual Academy Awards

This year’s Oscar nominations were announced, and they featured a few surprises. Here are my gut reactions to the major awards. I doubt any of my personal favorites will win this year. That’s vastly different than last year when my favorites basically all won their category. Continue reading “Gut reaction picks: 88th Annual Academy Awards”

87th Oscar votes

A few days ago I ranked all of my favorite nominees without saying much about the choice. Well, a few coworkers and I were discussing who might win this weekend and we all made our cases for our favorite films. I’m going to do the same here. Don’t consider this a “who will win” post, but why I would vote a certain way if I even had a vote. Continue reading “87th Oscar votes”

My favorite 87th Oscar nominees

Of the 17 films nominated for major awards (Best Picture, Director, all four acting, and two screenplays), I have yet to see four. Time just caught up with me, but I’ll see them eventually. Regardless, I have ranked the films in each category by my favorite to least favorite. Nominees I haven’t seen have been marked with an asterisk.

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