My favorite pop culture from 2017 (so far)

Here’s everything a lot of things that I loved from 2017 so far. In one blog post. Instead of trying to get hits on my blog with a lot of different pages. I limited each category to five so I left a lot more that I love out. C’est la vie. Continue reading “My favorite pop culture from 2017 (so far)”


Introducing The Real Houseguys Podcast

I like The Real Housewives on Bravo. It’s true. I decided about a week ago it would be fun to try a podcast about guys (straight and gay) who like the reality franchise. I posted in the /r/BravoRealHousewives subreddit looking for guys, got about 100 emails from guys or their girlfriends, interviewed three, and then decided on one interview because I wanted to keep the first episode short. But the good news is that I already have a second episode. Plus, so much more to come.

Here’s the debut episode of The Real Houseguys Podcast.


Where We Are Now: Episode Two

I’ve been working on a few interviews lately. Check out the list of recent ones here. One of the most recent one’s I did was with Karan Mahajan, author of The Association of Small Bombs. I took bits and pieces of the interview with Mahajan where he talked about his life in America and research for the book.

Basically, here’s the second episode of my lo-fi, totally unprofessional podcast. I had a great conversation last night with some people who know a thing or two about podcasting and they gave me tips about how to proceed. So I’m going to work on making this project something a little better next time.

But for now: here’s Where We Are Now

Where We Are Now: Episode One

I’ve wanted to do some sort of podcast for awhile. This is a very lo-fi and crude version of something I want to do when I have more time and the equipment to do it. It’s called Where We Are Now. Which sounds weird, but it’s an idea based off of a short story based off of something that happened to me. Basically, the title is just me wanting to explore what life is like right now on a variety of different aspects. This is an extremely rough draft just to see if people are interested in listening to me talk to people. You can hear the audio problems at the beginning because I don’t have a microphone and don’t know how to use editing equipment.

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