Take down that “Room for Rent” sign

First off, I had four things that I highlighted in my last post. Two of them are (sort of) taken care of. Even though money is low, I have enough to survive for a bit. And by a bit, I mean days. I need to find a job as soon as possible. Sure, I could have transferred with Banana Republic, but the closest one was too far away. So I think I’m going to work where ever. Fast food, pharmacy stores, and cinemas are between where I’ll be living and the Paste office. I’m not super stressed about finding a job. The second thing fixed is my iPod situation. I decided to spring for Best Buy to install an after market iPod connector/charger. It’ll be nice to have good quality music without worrying about my iTrip display breaking.

Now, for the dramatic, okay more melodramatic, story about how I found a place to live. As I said, other interns and I flirted with the idea of living together, but it fell apart. Sunday I contacted two people from Craigslist (GASP!). One was unfurnished and one was furnished. The unfurnished place called me back and we seemed to get along. It would be more of being roommates than me renting a room from someone. I was set to go and even said I was 90% sure I was ready to go. When the furnished one called and told me they had a room for $100 cheaper than the one I responded to, I went bananas.

She rents out rooms in her house professionally and even has an agreement so everything is on the up and up. It doesn’t seem like everyone who lives there are roomies, but tenants. To be honest, I’m quite excited about that. It’ll be something different. The room is smaller and has a single bed. She said if I want I can move a queen in there but it’ll be a tight squeeze. Usually I hate small rooms because I have so much crap; however, this time I’m bringing very little and now have less space to make messy. Always got to look on the bright side, eh?

Needless to say, I am less stressed about everything now. I know I said I’d give you details on my driving plans, but I’m still tweaking them. Current thought process is day one to Amarillo, TX. Day two make my way to Little Rock, AR. Finally I’d get to Decatur. I know I shouldn’t, but I’m thinking I could do it in two days. You’ll hear my decision soon.


T-minus ten(?) days

This is my blog. I’ve had it, deleted it, rededicated it multiple times, but now I’ll keep it. This is the start of my “real” life. What better way to start it than by chasing a dream I had in high school and accepting an unpaid internship 1,800 miles away? Well, that’s exactly what I did.

I’m moving to Decatur, GA in ten days (Well, I have to be there the 15th, but want to get there early. It’s entirely complicated. Much like this parenthetical side note.) to work for Paste Magazine. Check it out, but basically it is a music/film/culture magazine a la Rolling Stone or Spin. It used to be a print mag, but with the recent recession dedicated itself to a website. It gives it a blog feel. To be honest, it’s sort of what I wanted Harbor Collective to be like.

In fact, I used HC posts as my portfolio for the internship. But that’s neither here nor there. I could explain how I came about the internship, but I’ve explained it countless times to everyone. Just ask one of them.

What is important is the fact that I have no plans whatsoever. I can see my parents reading this and freaking out. But when do I ever have plans. NEVER! I might be getting a place with two (or one) other interns, but we’ll see. It’ll be the cheaper option, but we’d be living without furniture. Also, we might not be able to get month to month and would have to sign a six month lease, which would suck because we’re only there for four months. The other option would be finding a sublet, but that would cost a little more.

That, along with finding a shitty part time job, are my main concerns. Again, I’m not even that worried about it. My current preoccupations are:

  1. How shitty my PC and netbook are. I need a computer to work on in the office, which would be Tiny Blue Steel (my netbook), but I’m also going to bring my PC because it has everything I need on it. Hopefully my trusty and quite talented friend Darrel will be able to fix my shit for me.
  2. The fact that every iTrip I’ve ever purchased has broken on me. I think I’m going to get Best Buy to do an auxiliary cable insert for me. It costs twice as much as an iTrip, but I know they’re more reliable, so I’m game. I just don’t currently have the cash to buy it and need to do it ASAP.
  3. Need to fix my bicycle. Might need new tires…def need to get the handle bars fixed.
  4. Money. Even with my part time job, I don’t have a lot of it. I mean, I have none of it. A lot of it went to paying off debt. My credit card also is out of commission. Somehow I’ll make it to Decatur.
There’s probably more, but I got to get started on figuring it all out! Next time see my driving plans. Preview: eight southern states in three days.