Panic Baby (fka The Real Fits) discuss name change and release new song

The Real Fits are no more. Don’t worry, the Phoenix-based band is still around and their sound is just as mesmerizing as ever. The quartet is now Panic Baby and they, like they have the past few months, plan on releasing new music as often as possible. Their latest song “Heavy” proves the band continues to perfect their precise yet atmospheric tone. Continue reading “Panic Baby (fka The Real Fits) discuss name change and release new song”


Watch Taylor Upsahl’s music video for “Digital Papers”

Taylor Upsahl may only be 18, but she is a seasoned rock star. The Phoenix New Times wrote about how her musical talent “will blow you away” when she was barely old enough to drive legally. I must have been living under a rock because I hadn’t heard of the singer-songwriter until I caught her performing at this year’s Phoenix Rock Lottery.

My jaw dropped during the impromptu band’s cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” She. Killed. It. Continue reading “Watch Taylor Upsahl’s music video for “Digital Papers””

Ep. 3: Joel Marquard | Gospel Claws + Dear and the Headlights

IR White


Joel Marquard is one of my favorite musicians. He was an original guitarist in Dear and the Headlights – one of the best bands to ever break out of Phoenix – and he is the mastermind behind so many more projects: Gospel Claws (not a gospel band), the Through and Through Gospel Review (a gospel band), Samuel L Cool J, and Spiritual Warfare.

I have been a super fan of his since I was in high school and was lucky enough to get to know him throughout the years. His bands have produced some of my favorite musical memories and I wanted to get to know more about what drove him to make some of the best pop songs I’ve heard.

You can listen to and purchase Spiritual Warfare music here.

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Gospel Claws seek help funding sophomore album

One of my favorite bands is looking for your help. Gospel Claws, like so many indie bands nowadays, is asking fans to donate money via Kickstarter to help fund their sophomore LP. The quintet needs a total of $12,000 to record the album and only need $4,000 more to cover the costs.

“If you don’t know us, we’re from Tempe, Arizona and have been playing music together since 2007,” they write on their Kickstarter, “Our record label, Common Wall Media, has helped us release a self-titled EP (2008) and a debut full length album, C-L-A-W-S (2010). Last year we were fortunate enough to be selected as an official showcasing act for SXSW as a result of our first album.”

In addition to being invited to 2011’s SXSW, the band was named a Best of What’s Next artist by Paste in November 2010 and I recently named them to the magazine’s 50 States Project as the best up-and-coming band based out of Arizona.

Here’s a video of them recording at Flying Blanket (Mesa, Ariz.) where they are recording the album with the legendary Bob Hoag.

Gospel Claw’s goal is to raise the funds by the first week of June and they are offering an array of packages for pledgers. Check the project out to see a breakdown of recording costs and a funny video of them introducing themselves and explaining the project.