Arrested Community Development

The similarities between Arrested Development and Community are uncanny. Both received critical acclaim and a devout cult following, but failed to please their respected networks with the viewers needed to keep the show alive. Arrested Development only lasted three seasons, each shorter than the previous, while Community has been renewed for a 13-episode fourth season to air next fall.

Both are full of witty and off-beat characters in plots that are just as absurd. A common thread between the two is how tightly woven the universe was and if you didn’t watch from the beginning, you probably would never catch on and therefore not ever pick the show up and put it in your regular rotation.

One of the biggest similarities is in fact those zany and loveable characters and I’ve decided to take a look at how similar the cast of characters truly is by matching them up. Now they don’t line up perfectly, but I took a key characteristic to make the matches.