My 2015 in fiction

My goal for 2015 was to read a fiction book a week by a different author. For a while, up until I went to work at a summer camp in Maine, I was way ahead of that schedule, but then I slowed down in the second half of 2015. It has been hard to read for pleasure ever since I started teaching high school literature a few years back.


10 best books I’ve read from 2015 (so far)

It’s pretty late in the year for a “best of (so far)” list, but whatever.

This year marked a challenge for me: read one book per week. The goal is to read 52 different authors in a variety of genres. For the most part I have read novels and short story collections published since 2010 (four were published prior; two in 2008, one in 1997, and one in 1981). Up until recently I haven’t been paying attention to releases from this year, but as I finished my 41st book of 2015, I realized I have read 10 that were published since the first of the year. Here’s a ranking with some thoughts.