Dear ESPN: find Harris Wittels’ wrestling figures


Bill Simmons hosted Aziz Ansari on his podcast on May 11 ahead of Ansari’s second season of the masterful Master of None (more on that season soon). The entire 90 minutes is worth listening to and ranges from eating pasta in Italy, hosting Saturday Night Live, Kanye and Jay-Z, Dave Chappelle, and so much more. Around the 50 minute mark, Simmons brings up Harris Wittels – a former Grantland writer, who was also friends and coworkers with Ansari on Parks and Recreation as well as during the genesis of Master of None. Continue reading “Dear ESPN: find Harris Wittels’ wrestling figures”


30 podcasts from 2016 you need to subscribe to

Podcasts are trendier than ever now. Which is a grand thing to say. There’s a lot out there – some top notch, some not so much – and trying to find the right one for you is tricky. Here are 30 I listen to that I suggest to a lot of people I meet. Most of them are the “mainstream” ones, because I haven’t done much of a deep dive. Chances are you’ve listened to most of these if you love podcasts, but if you haven’t listened to much, you should definitely check some out.

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Stuart Scott remembered

Stuart ScottThere is a lot to be said about the late, great Stuart Scott. The admiration that fellow sports journalists, athletes, and even President Obama had for him have been pouring out since Scott died on January 4, 2015 after his third battle with cancer. He first appeared on ESPN in 1993, when I was only four years old, so I obviously don’t remember his entire career. I’m not equipped to talk about how, as a black man, he broke down barriers that still existed in the early-nineties. You can read about his success in so many places. Continue reading “Stuart Scott remembered”