Pick up ‘Plutona’ pronto

Lives change when five suburban kids discover a dead superhero in the woods outside of their neighborhood. Plutona is a five-issue limited series by Jeff Lemire and newcomer Emi Lenox, who is also the artist. It starts off earnestly: Best friends Mie Diane are often annoyed by Mie’s younger brother Mike. There’s also Ray, the resident badass who grew up with a tough home life. They all come crashing together one afternoon when they come across Teddy as he peers through binoculars ‘capespotting.’


‘Paper Girls’ is the best new comic to read right now

My love affair with comics comes and goes. Part of it probably has to do with my lack of ability to commit to anything. But that’s for a different post and a few more hundreds of dollars worth of therapy.

I digress.

The point is that I randomly picked up Brian K. Vaughan’s (aka: the genius who brought the world Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, The Runaways, of course, Saga, and so much more) Paper Girls in a Barnes and Noble in Tucson, Arizona of all places. The vibrant pink and blue illustration on the trade collection (done by Cliff Chiang) caught my eye.