‘S-Town’ is an elegant podcast (that’s not a murder mystery)

While preparing yourself to listen to S-Town, the new podcast presented by Serial and This American Life, you need to know two things: is this isn’t trying to replicate the murder mystery phenomenon its predecessor created, but that it’s just as enthralling. Continue reading “‘S-Town’ is an elegant podcast (that’s not a murder mystery)”


‘The Girl on the Train’ reviewed

The Girl on the TrainI decided to mix things up for my last book of the month. I picked up a hot thriller – so hot that some have claimed it’s the most gripping book of the genre since Gone Girl. I’m not so certain that Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train is going to be the runaway hit that some are predicting. Sure, it will get a lot of sales, but I feel that maybe people will walk away dissatisfied.  Continue reading “‘The Girl on the Train’ reviewed”