‘Roseanne’ is back (as if you didn’t know)

The return of Roseanne was… fine. There were plenty of laughs, but mainly because it was just nice to see such a lovable cast back again. Like many revivals, this was bogged down in having to catch up on too much. The first two episodes did an admirable job trying to give us two decades of background information scattered throughout the runtime.


On ‘HIMYM’ and the idea of series finales

Warning: spoilers for multiple shows, including HIMYM follow.

Is anyone ever pleased from a finale of a beloved television series? It seems that it was impossible to please everyone with the most recent highly anticipated finale from CBS.

How I Met Your Mother ended after nine long seasons, including a less than stellar final season which only spanned one weekend. The finale itself was unevenly paced with a depressing ending only to be followed by one last minute twist that was actually planned from the beginning. A lot love it. A lot hate it. But no one is in the middle over it.