Ep. 9: Tony Ruland | Soft Sleep + The Lonely Forest

IR White

Tony Ruland was the guitarist in the Washington-based band for a decade of his life. The band suddenly broke up, but he wasn’t too worried. He had music built up and ready to explode into the world. He linked up with fellow northwestern musicians to create Soft Sleep. Continue reading “Ep. 9: Tony Ruland | Soft Sleep + The Lonely Forest”


‘3 Sept 13’

Wow, I’ve been living under a rock, (okay, I’ve been living on a lake in Maine at a summer camp…) but I’m back with a new playlist. It has some new singles from some of my favorites as well as some newer bands I’ve been digging and deep cuts from not-so-new albums. No gimmick here; just songs to consider. Oh, surprisingly there are quite a few electronic-heavy songs… Continue reading “‘3 Sept 13’”