My favorite 87th Oscar nominees

Of the 17 films nominated for major awards (Best Picture, Director, all four acting, and two screenplays), I have yet to see four. Time just caught up with me, but I’ll see them eventually. Regardless, I have ranked the films in each category by my favorite to least favorite. Nominees I haven’t seen have been marked with an asterisk.

These are by no means my official betting picks. However, they come close. That post will come later.


Using statistics to predict this year’s Oscars

OscarsThere’s a lot to be said about the precursors to the Academy Awards. The Golden Globes are fun with a lot of glitz and glamour, but often don’t tip off who would get the Oscar a month later all too well. The Screen Actors Guild and, to a certain extent, the Producers Guild of America Awards tend to be a good indicator of the acting categories and even Best Picture award at the Oscars.

So, let’s take a look at what this weekend’s wins statistically tell us. First, the Oscar nominees for Best Picture and all four acting categories.


21st Screen Actors Guild Predictions

SAG AwardsMeant to post this right after the Oscar nominees were announced, but I got tied up and forgot to upload it.

The SAG Awards are a terrific predictor for the Academy Awards. Unlike the Golden Globes, this ceremony doesn’t break up the film categories into drama and musical/comedy. There are five nominees in each category (occasionally six on a rare occurrence). While there is no “best film” there is a Best Ensemble category, which can help as a predictor for the Best Picture Oscar.

The SAGs air Sunday January 25 on both TNT and TBS.


87th Academy Awards Nominations Reaction

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my predictions for the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards, which is a big indicator for the Oscars. But today I’ll look at who was nominated and give my immediate, brief reactions. There were a few surprises, and a quite a bit of obvious choices.

OscarsThe Grand Budapest (somewhat surprisingly) and Birdman (not so surprisingly) came away with the most nominations with nine each. Close behind was The Imitation Game with eight. At first I was shocked that Boyhood only came away with six nods, but then I realized that it was nominated for all of the major awards it was predicted to get nods in (film, director, both supporting roles, screenplay) and then got a final one in film editing, which I don’t predict.


Top 10 films of 2014

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Here are ten films I dug this year, in alphabetical order, and why I like them. I’m giving myself a tweet (140 characters) to explain why I like each release.