50 books to consider for the first half of 2019

While it’s been easy to complain on Twitter how everything from politics to your love life sucked in 2018, it’s clear one aspect of life was amazing: literature. This was proven on a range from debut novels like Joseph Cassara’s The House of Impossible Beauties and R.O. Kwon’s The Incendiaries to tried and true wrtiers like Rebecca Makkai… Read More 50 books to consider for the first half of 2019

2018 in books

It’s only halfway through November, but I’m already done reading books published in 2018. I’m exhausted. Plus, I’m already diving into 2019 publications. Narrowing my favorite books to ten works of fiction with an additional ten non-fiction books was hard. Normally, I cop out and just list a few dozen books in alphabetical order. This… Read More 2018 in books

Richard Edwards – “Verdugo” review

The fact that Richard Edwards isn’t a household name hurts my heart. He is one of the most poetically talented writers producing music and has been for over a decade. His second official solo effort, Verdugo, is the perfect follow up to last year’s Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset. It’s bolder, stronger, fuller.