Ep. 3: Joel Marquard (Gospel Claws, ex-Dear and the Headlights)

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Joel Marquard is one of my favorite musicians. He was an original guitarist in Dear and the Headlights – one of the best bands to ever break out of Phoenix – and he is the mastermind behind so many more projects: Gospel Claws (not a gospel band), the Through and Through Gospel Review (a gospel band), Samuel L Cool J, and Spiritual Warfare.

I have been a super fan of his since I was in high school and was lucky enough to get to know him throughout the years. His bands have produced some of my favorite musical memories and I wanted to get to know more about what drove him to make some of the best pop songs I’ve heard.

You can listen to and purchase Spiritual Warfare music here.

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Ep. 2: Tony Smith (Teem, ex-Sleeper Agent)

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It was a pleasure to talk to Tony Smith, the former guitarist/vocalist of Sleeper Agent. The alt-rock band from Bowling Green, Kent. released two albums. It was during the peak of the first album when I first met the band at DeLuna Fest in Pensacola, Fla. before interviewing them a few months later in Chicago as they opened for Cage the Elephant for a New Year’s Eve bash.

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Ep. 1: Phillip-Michael Scales

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I’ve started a new podcast – for real this time – where I will be interviewing emerging artists ranging from musicians to authors as well as interesting people like brewers or comic shop owners. Its name is Internal Review. You can click the above image to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Continue reading “Ep. 1: Phillip-Michael Scales”

‘Cursed Child’ is a meandering disappointment

[spoilers for all of the Harry Potter series, including the new play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to follow]

The Cursed Child is a meandering disappointment that uses one of the series’ least favorite McGuffin – time travel – as a central plot element. By the end of reading the two-part play, I felt bewildered and as if none of it even mattered.

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Pick up ‘Plutona’ pronto

Lives change when five suburban kids discover a dead superhero in the woods outside of their neighborhood. Plutona is a five-issue limited series by Jeff Lemire and newcomer Emi Lenox, who is also the artist. It starts off earnestly: Best friends Mie Diane are often annoyed by Mie’s younger brother Mike. There’s also Ray, the resident badass who grew up with a tough home life. They all come crashing together one afternoon when they come across Teddy as he peers through binoculars ‘capespotting.’ Continue reading “Pick up ‘Plutona’ pronto”

A trio of terrific television treats

[spoilers for the premiere episodes of Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, and The Night Of to follow]

Summer TV used to be a joke. But now there really isn’t the traditional cycle of television anymore. Sure, there are still the heavy hitters released in the fall, but thanks to streaming services and premium cable, seasons don’t matter anymore. Three terrific shows had premieres this week: the second season of Mr. Robot, the entire first season of Stranger Things, and the miniseries The Night Of. They’re three shows you’re going to have to treat yourself to this summer.

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