• Is Iceland the Most Literary Country in the World? An interview with Sjón
    28 Nov 2018 (Electric Literature)
  • How Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Is Reinventing the Sherlock Holmes Story
    14 Nov 2018 (Electric Literature)
  • Whatever Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah Needs the World To Do, He Creates Something To Do It
    13 Nov 2018 (The Millions)
  • Gary Shteyngart Wants Finance Bros to Do Something Else with Their Lives
    2 Oct 2018 (Electric Literature)
  • John Larison Fights the Toxic Cowboy Myth by Giving His Western a Female Hero
    4 Sept 2018 (Electric Literature)
  • Patrick deWitt Wants to Write Books for People Who Don’t Read Books
    31 Aug 2018 (Electric Literature)
  • Write for the World You Want: an interview with America For Beginners Author Leah Franqui
    9 Aug 2018 (Writer’s Bone)
  • Casual Creator Zander Lehmann Looks Back on Four Years of His Hulu Dramedy
    30 July 2018 (Writer’s Bone)
  • Dissecting a Decade-Long Writing Process with The Incendiaries Author R.O. Kwon
    26 July 2018 (Writer’s Bone)
  • Author Rosalie Knecht Reimagines the Spy Game with Who is Vera Kelly?
    18 July 2018 (Writer’s Bone)
  • A Conversation with The Great Believers Author Rebecca Makkai
    2 July 2018 (Writer’s Bone)
  • Made a Little Grotesque by Fiction: The Millions Interviews Lauren Groff
    22 June 2018 (The Millions)
  • A Mix of Paean and Elegy: The Millions Interviews Jamel Brinkley
    24 May 2018 (The Millions)
  • Turning a Passion for Classical Music into Fiction with Aja Gabel
    15 May 2018 (Electric Literature)
  • The Pleasure is in the Guilt: The Millions Interviews Lucas Mann
    7 May 2018 (The Millions)
  • Limerence, Lust, and Love: The Millions Interviews Melissa Broder
    3 May 2018 (The Millions)
  • Pushing Past the Stigma of Sex Toys with Hallie Leiberman
    1 May 2018 (Writer’s Bone)
  • Trixie Mattel on her Viceland show, her folk album, and winning ‘Drag Race’
    20 Apr 2018 (this site!)
  • Jez Burrows Finds All His Stories in the Dictionary
    4 Apr 2018 (Electric Literature)
  • Original RuPaul’s Drag Race winner BeBe Zahara Benet returns to Minneapolis this weekend
    29 Mar 2018 (City Pages) [feature]
  • Inside Emily Branham‘s 12-Year Quest to Document BeBe Zahara Benet’s Rise to Drag Stardom
    26 Mar 2018 (Writer’s Bone) [feature]
  • A Novel for 2018’s Moribund American Dream with Jonathan Evison
    22 Mar 2018 (Electric Literature)
  • Finding a New Language for the History of Queer Culture with Joseph Cassara
    15 Mar 2018 (Electric Literature)
  • Podcast interview with Tom Leveen
    28 Feb 2018 (Writer’s Bone)
  • Technology and Religion Share the Power of Destruction with Anjali Sachdeva
    16 Feb 2018 (Electric Literature)
  • How Does Tragedy Become Art? – an interview with Rachel Lyon
    6 Feb 2018 (Electric Literature)
  • Finding Violence in Male Friendship with Michael Nye
    29 Jan 2018 (Electric Literature)
  • Why Is it So Hard for Andy Weir to Follow Up on His First Success?
    10 Jan 2018 (Electric Literature)
  • A Naked Man Running Through Traffic, and Everything Else You Need to Know About L.A. – an interview with Ivy Pochoda
    20 Nov 2017 (Electric Literature)
  • Haunted by Ghosts: The Millions Interviews Jesmyn Ward
    11 Sept 2017 (The Millions)
  • Dedication and Discipline: Sing, Unburied, Sing Author Jesmyn Ward On Writing
    6 Sept 2017 (Writer’s Bone)
  • From Convicted Murderer to Debut Author – an interview with Curtis Dawkins
    8 Aug 2017 (Electric Literature)
  • Sarah Hill: a Good Short Story is “A Pill That Let’s Us See The Real”
    29 Jul 2017 (Electric Literature)
  • The 10 Best Books of 2017 (So Far)
    11 July 2017 (Writer’s Bone)
  • “Maybe it Was a Return:” Stephanie Powell Watts on Writing No One is Coming to Save Us
    6 Apr 2017 (Vol. 1 Brooklyn)
  • Dan Chaon Isn’t Shy about His Obsessions
    30 Mar 2017 (Electric Literature)
  • Speed and Crisis, with Daniel Magariel
    14 Mar 2017 (Electric Literature)
  • Author Boris Fishman on Immigration and Identity in Fiction
    6 Mar 2017 (Writer’s Bone)
  • The Dark Themes of Mariana Enriquez
    21 Feb 2017 (Electric Literature)
  • George Saunders Likes a Challenge
    14 Feb 2017 (Electric Literature)
  • 5 Short Story Collections by Women of Color You Need to Read Right Now
    22 Feb 2017 (Writer’s Bone)
  • Podcast interview with Emily Ruskovich
    21 Feb 2017 (Writer’s Bone)
  • Kevin Wilson on the Weirdness of Family
    31 Jan 2017 (Electric Literature)
  • Chanelle Benz is Rewriting History
    19 Jan 2017 (Electric Literature)
  • Erica Ferencik‘s Off the Grid Thriller
    18 Jan 2017 (Electric Literature)

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