28 songs for my 28 years on earth

I turned 28 today [January 3, 2017]. That means I have lived 10,220 days, 336 months, and have completed 28 rotations around the sun. Twenty-eight isn’t a significant birthday at all, but I wanted to start collecting a playlist of songs to represent each year of my life. It was hard to do because I only wanted an artist represented once. So this isn’t a “best of” or anything like that. Just a playlist… a playlist that will probably shift throughout time. Continue reading “28 songs for my 28 years on earth”


Taco Tuesday and a wonderful Wednesday morning

Day two at Paste was fun. Settled into the routine of being able to walk into my job at 8:50 and it be early. Used to working at 7 or before. Started talking to the other interns more. Some are super legit. Out of the 10 of us (6 writers, 1 design, 1 PR, 2 AV) there are only two non-Macbooks. I’m one of them.

Three of my blurbs were published. Here’s the links:

Check em out please.

Also, my Ryan Adams article is currently the third most read article on Paste.

Then last night was fun. Went over to Dustin and Cooper’s place for Taco Tuesday. Had to go to Kroger to pick up paper plates and beer (they have Yuengling here!) before. I needed to get the Kroger Plus Card so I went in the express lane, but the guy didn’t have any so he left to find some. Thus backing up the express lane. I got dirty looks…

We ate tacos and enchiladas, drank beer, and watched MasterChef. AZ folk: Cooper would do our local restaurants proud! I’m heading out with them Thursday for Trivia night and then back over there on Saturday for a party.

These guys are legit, for sure.

As for this morning. Got three articles assigned. One is already up. Another is in queue for a few minutes from now, and the last is chilling waiting for approval. I’ll post them tonight or first thing in the morning. One is about Donald Glover and even includes a photograph I took. So cool.

Also, three other interns and I went for lunch together. I asked if it was in walking distance and Bonnie replied, “Yeah…you could walk there.” We took it to mean it was within walking distance. Half a mile later we finally arrive. It was delicious and filling, but somehow left me wanting more.

As for tonight: skyping with Carly, maybe laundry, and looking for a job. I need one bad…