Top 5 moments from DeLuna Fest

Today Paste posted a list of our favorite moments from DeLuna Fest and one of my favorite moments made the list. Here’s my five most memorable moments (in chronological order) that I experienced this past weekend.

  1. Before the festival I interviewed Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s frontman Richard Edwards for a feature I’m working on to coincide with their upcoming album. It turned out Edwards was doing an acoustic session on the dunes for our AV crew and I went along to talk to Erik Kang (multi-instrumentalist and tour manager).  As I sat talking to Kang I watched Edwards sit quietly atop his guitar case singing quietly to himself in preparation for the three song set. I was blown away at hearing one of my favorite songs, “A Journalist Falls In Love With Death Row Inmate #16” as well as two brand new songs off of Rot Gut, Domestic. He played “Prozac Rock” and “Coonskip Cap” so softly that I nearly fell over leaning in to hear him.
  2. As Givers played their set on one of the smallest stages, everyone turned it into a dance party. I was a little farther back and away from the flailing, but standing next to me was Ra Ra Riot. I congratulated them on their earlier set and we talked and swayed back and forth to the Cajun-influenced music.
  3. Most of the earlier bands had scattered crowds. Even Telekinesis on one of the main stages had barely anyone there when the Seattle-trio started their set. Halfway through the crowd was a little larger, but certainly not as big as the band deserved. Frontman Michael Benjamin Lerner sat at his drums and said, “I’m sure we can all hear each other, so does anyone have questions?” Some people asked when they’d be back in a certain town, but one lady named Emma asked them to play “Fever Chill.” The band obliged even though they hadn’t played the song in years.
  4. This is sad that it’s on my list, but it was totally fun. I spent most of the day Saturday running back and forth to get free whiskey and cokes so often that the bouncers at the VIP tent started to recognize me. This all led to an awesome evening at the Shins. Garden State told me the band would change my life, and though James Mercer didn’t do that, the combination of whiskey and “New Slang” made for one hell of a night.
  5. I interviewed Grouplove early Sunday for a Best of What’s Next feature and it was awesome. We sat underneath the pier in the shade and talked about basic facts I needed to know, but they ventured off into hilarious stories. I met back up with them later that night after they rockin’ set and ended up eating dinner with them before drinking in the jacuzzi. We discussed everything from what inspires all of us and how the early 1990s are awesome. They thought it was awesome I watched 11 seasons of Cheers and now am watching Roseanne on Netflix. (So everyone in the office can suck it.) My favorite part of the conversation was discussing Kurt Cobain, Nirvana and how it’s better to die a legend than grow old and tweet about some bullshit.

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