Song of the Day: “Low Shoulder” – yellowbirddd

Everyday (or as often as I remember/have time for) I will put my iPod on shuffle and the first song that comes on will be song of the day and receive a a post chock full of commentary.

Welcome to the first installment of SotD. Today’s track is “Low Shoulder” of of my good friend Liam McCormack’s (who goes under the moniker yellowbirddd) latest album, missing. Considering this was his first LP with a full band, I’m suprised by how good it was.

“Low Shoulder” is a great jam filled with a catchy acoustic riff and backing music reminiscent of good ol’ ’90s rock. And that’s not a bad thing.

McCormack has a keen ear for a sing-song melody. His vocals have an ere of innocence, especially when he crows, “and I got a low shoulder / you should come over / rest your head right next to me .”

Here’s a video of him performing “Low Shoulder” way back in 2010 (and the day after I officially met him the first time).


Check out his site and Band Camp for more information.



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