Gambino drops new song

Photo by Adam Vitcavage

One of the most common complaints I hear regarding Donald Glover’s rap under Childish Gambino is that it’s repetitive. That he discusses growing up “white” in a black community, references Asians he thinks are sexy and throws out nerdy pop culture references too much.

He’s recently hinted that his newer stuff is going to be more mainstream rap. Not Jay-Z or Kanye or anything like that. But more mainstream alternative…if there is even such a thing. Now that he sent In Flex We Trust a radio-friendly cut of “Unnecessary” featuring ScHoolboy Q the internet is buzzing that they want the indie-hipster who signed to a label with Mumford and Sons and Phoenix on the roster.

My personal thoughts are that it’s definitely different, but it’s no less catchy and entertaining as his previous releases. It looks like the mixtape, which he has insisted is his way to try out new things and it doesn’t have a consistent theme like Camp.

Listen to the new track here.

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