yellowbirddd releases first music video

Liam McCormack’s moniker may seem a little goofy, but his music is anything of the sort. His acoustic solo project turned full band for his latest album and now yellowbirddd (always lowercase; always three d’s) has released his first official music video.

Photo by Nicole Daniliuk

The title track from missing is a two-minute jangly pop song that is the lynchpin of an album filled clarity and a bright outlook despite the obvious themes of personal turmoil and broken hearts. The video for it was filmed in California by Describe the Fauna, the artistic collaboration between Kelsey Tucker and Zivi Krieger.

Check out the video below and be sure to head over to McCormack’s site where he is currently running a contest that will score you some limited edition prizes included a handmade lyric book (which if you’ve heard his lyrics you’ll understand the beauty behind owning something like this). Winners will be selected on June 1.

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