“Waiting” (live) – yellowbirddd

Photo by Adam Vitcavage

My good buddy, Liam McCormack, played a gig over the weekend at the Living Room in the Lower East Side where he premiered tons of new tracks with the help of some amazing backing musicians. Among them was a new jam called “Waiting” which I had the pleasure of watching him perform underneath a tree in Brooklyn Park Bride earlier that day. We chatted about his music throughout the weekend and what he felt about his latest album (and first full band one) and what’s up next for yellowbirddd. He’s recently been playing with a stripped down version of a full band, usually with some combination of a piano, upright bass, pedal steel and drums. While he may be a ways away from recording a new LP, he’s been busy working on tons of new material, which further expands on his amazing lyrical skills.

Check out “Waiting” below. I filmed it on my mobile phone, so the quality isn’t too terrific, but you can still live the magic that is yellowbirddd.

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