‘TV Guide’ Fan Favorite Awards: How I Voted (Part Two)

TV Guide is currently taking votes for their annual fan favorite awards. I’ve shared my thoughts on the first six categories. Here’s the other seven.

TV Guide Fan Favorites

You can vote here until March 11.

Once Upon a Time
Parks and Recreation
Pretty Little Liars
The Big Bang Theory

This isn’t even a competition for me. Parks and Recreation has the best ensemble of this list. Not only are the main characters hilarious, but the supporters – in particularly Retta -are top notch.

New Show:
Go On
The Americans
The Following
The Mindy Project
The New Normal

This is a tough one. I enjoy basically everything on this list. I think that, right now, I have been won over byKevin Bacon and The FollowingIt might be one of those “in the moment” votes, but I think the thriller is as good as Dexter‘s first season, which blew me away when I first watched it back in 2006.

Adrienne Maloof vs. Brandi Glanville – The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills
Christopher vs. John Ross – Dallas
Karen vs. Ivy – Smash
Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey – American Idol
Rayna vs. Juliette – Nashville
Thomas vs. O’Brien – Downton Abbey

This one has to go to Rayna vs. Juliette for me. I don’t know if I can consider it a feud considering how amazing Connie Britton is and how much I hate Hayden Panettiere’s Juliette. Regardless, the two actresses do a tremendous job with their roles and sparks do fly when they’re on screen together.

Bloody Face – American Horror Story
Boyd Crowder – Justified
Evil Queen – Once Upon a Time
Joe Carroll – The Following
Klaus – The Vampire Diaries
Mona and Toby – Pretty Little Liars
Teresa Giudice – The Real Housewives of New Jersey
The Governor – The Walking Dead
Tom Neville – Revolution
Victoria Grayson – Revenge

Whoa, this is a good list. I’m going to have to go with Joe Carroll simply because I find his character to be a genius. Sure, he’s a psychopath, but the way he’s able to control his followers gives me shivers. Even though I know there still has some growth to go with his character (and the show), I believe he deserves this title.

Adam Levine and Black Shelton – The Voice
Callen and Sam – NCIS: Los Angeles
Mike and Harvey – Suits
Neal and Peter – White Collar
Sam Champion and Josh Elliot – Good Morning America
Steve and Danny – Hawaii Five-O
Troy and Abed – Community

Troy and Abed. Next, please.

Classic TV:
All in the Family
Hill Street Blues
I Love Lucy
Star Trek
The Honeymooners
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
The Sopranos

The fact that TV Guide didn’t include Cheers baffles me. Hill Street Blues was recently named the magazine’s top drama, but I’m giving my vote to a comedy. Seinfeld has to win this one. It was what paved the way for shows like Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Louie. We all owe Jerry a big thanks for this show.

Reality Competition:
America’s Got Talent
American Idol
Dancing with the Stars
Shark Tank
So You Think You Can Dance
The Amazing Race
The Voice
The X-Factor
Top Chef

I always said I’d love to go on The Amazing Race or Survivor, so of course my vote has to go to one of them. It wasn’t even a close race in the end. Survivor is the reality competition for me. I watch both seasons every year and never feel it gets old. Of course I love a lot of these other ones, but Wednesdays are my time to hang with Probst and the castaways.

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