‘3 Sept 13’

Wow, I’ve been living under a rock, (okay, I’ve been living on a lake in Maine at a summer camp…) but I’m back with a new playlist. It has some new singles from some of my favorites as well as some newer bands I’ve been digging and deep cuts from not-so-new albums. No gimmick here; just songs to consider. Oh, surprisingly there are quite a few electronic-heavy songs…

  1. “Shake” – The Head and The Heart
  2. “happy” – Dylan Viola
  3. “Lion Hands” – Tancred
  4. “like this” – yellowbirddd
  5. “Turn Off This Song and Go Outside” – The Lonely Forest
  6. “Hospital Choir” – The Box Tiger
  7. “The Wire” – Haim
  8. “Ways To Go” – Grouplove
  9. “Kanye” – Bogan Via
  10. “Love You In The Dark” – Sombear
  11. “American Dream” – On An On
  12. “Dark Water” – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
  13. “Stars” Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
  14. “Morton’s Fork” – Typhoon
  15. “How They Want Me To Be” – Best Coast

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