‘Gilmore Girls’ Rewind: Season 1, Episodes 8-14

Gilmore GirlsOriginally aired December 14, 2000 – February 22, 2001.

This new batch of episodes kicks off with some major developments. Lorelai and Max finally have their first date thanks to a bad snowstorm which forces Rory to be stuck with her grandparents in Hartford and disabling Max’s car from moving.

They kiss and kiss and kiss, but no sex yet. Not on a WB show. They’re interrupted by Lane, who is over at the house because she’s trying to find Rory, who has seemingly abandoned her. A few important things happen in this episode. First, Luke sees Lorelai and Max and the first signs of real interest in the elder Girl. Secondly, Luke actually has some character development. I put the relationship advancement first because it clearly is more important

This development continues through the upcoming episodes, especially during the hospital visit in “Forgiveness and Stuff” when Emily informs Luke that he and Lorelai are both idiots for “being friends.” By the end of this batch of episodes their relationship becomes more complicated thanks to the paint sampling and baby chick incidences of “That Damn Donna Reed.” It was extremely adorable seeing this will they/won’t they storyline begin and a little painful knowing that it doesn’t come to fruition for a few more seasons.

Another huge development is finally the friendship between Rory and Paris, which will go on to be an important friendship throughout the rest of the series. Even more so than Lane, who has been missing in action a lot throughout these episodes save for a few where she was used as a plot device.

Of course I ended this batch on sort of a cliffhanger. It just so happens that the end of “That Damn Donna Reed” ends with Lorelai and Luke on a high note until Christopher, Rory’s father, shows up in town. Cue the dramatic music as Luke looks on with eyes full of hurt…

Notable guest stars now include Jane Lynch (“Forgiveness and Stuff”) and Brandon Routh (“Concert Inturruptus”) as well as the introduction of the Town Troubadour (“That Damn Donna Reed”).

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