‘Gilmore Girls’ Rewind: Season 4, Episodes 16-22

Originally aired March 2, 2004 – May 18, 2004

The last two episodes of this season are the only ones I am going to talk about. The final third of this season was terrific, but these last two – the climax of the series is terms of episode count – were everything.


Gilmore GirlsThe inn is opening and everything is going according to plan. Her parents are separated (which is weird) and she’s done with Jason (which is perfect). Luke’s sister gets married and Luke invites Lorelai to the wedding. He’s realized she is the one for him and it absolutely is about time. They share unofficial cute moments. She’s not sure what it means, but he is. It all culminates in the best first kiss ever. Or at least one of them. We’re not sure on where this will lead at the moment because of other plots that transpire, but one this is for certain: Lorelai and Luke finally realize they love each ‘other. It’s just the question of whether or not they will follow through with it.


She’s been talking to Dean and his wife doesn’t know it. At one point, after finals, she calls him for a ride because she’s stranded after a bad date. They’re hitting it off. He’s happier with her. She’s about to invite him into her dorm room when: JESS ENTERS. He’s back in town for his mother’s wedding and realized – thanks to Luke – that he is still in love with Rory. Here’s one of the best scenes of the show. It’s also heartbreaking. It’s a moment I’ve had and love that the show portrayed it perfectly.

So she says no.

Gilgmore Girls The next episode she and Dean almost kiss. But he’s married! I know. Except that doesn’t stop him. He goes over to her place and she loses her virginity. Lorelai catches them after the fact and the two have a huge fight about how she is the other woman. I love Rory and Dean almost as much as I love Rory and Jess. This was a near perfect moment, but near perfect isn’t perfect. We end the season with Rory on her front porch, breaking down in tears. She has realized her perfect moment is a sham, and knows she probably can’t rectify it.

This show has had a hard time balancing a lot of Rory/Yale and Lorelai/inn this season, but came through with a solid finale. It was everything the show needed going into a new season.

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