Top 10 films of 2014

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Here are ten films I dug this year, in alphabetical order, and why I like them. I’m giving myself a tweet (140 characters) to explain why I like each release.


Stellar acting by Keaton, Norton, Stone. Amazing cinematography with a ridiculous “tracking” shot throughout. A film I’d like to write.


The film the probably meant most to me this year. Heard of it a decade ago and grew up wondering. Saw so much of myself in Mason; it hurt.


Toss up with Imitation Game. Both films went on too long, but had killer acting. This had a triple threat in the Carrell/Ruffalo/Tatum team.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Anderson has been a perennial favorite of mine. This is up at the top with Tenenbaums for me. Fun caper that was different enough.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Best superhero film in a while. It was offbeat and that’s what made it worked. A better Star Wars film than the new trilogy. Think on that.


Talk about raw; never over the top. Great parallel for what society is like now. Gyllenhaal didn’t blink on screen (something to look for).

The Skeleton Twins

A close look into relationships and emotions a lot of us have experienced. It hit home for me and made me think a lot about life. Superb.

St. Vincent

Predictable. Look past that. This was just a film too enjoy and make you feel good about life. An interesting curmudgeon story that works.

The Theory of Everything

A feel good biopic. Sure, his life gets pretty awful, but you have to look deeper. Redmayne all but won the Oscar. Terrific all around.


Definitely one of my favorite favorites. Intense even when it is slow. It was relatable even though it doesn’t seem it. Simmons slaps hard.

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