5 goals for 2015

Publish more: fiction or non-fiction. On my blog, of course, but also try to contribute to a magazine or website. Keep writing short stories and submitting them even if everyone rejects me.

Be healthy: doesn’t mean get skinny. It means eat right, drink less booze, and exercise. I’ve let myself get unhealthy enough to the point where I’m out of breath jogging upstairs. It’s nought about my weight, it’s about my health.

Get out of the country: I’d even accept Canada, but I really mean Europe. Three summers in a row of European excursions and then nothing. This isn’t okay. Shoot for March when everyone I know is in England still and not at work in Maine. Maybe finally go to France and Germany.

Be smarter about money: save! Don’t blow though cash just because I can. Grocery shop instead of going to bars. Set more aside per paycheck and set up monthly bill pay. Actually check bank account. Don’t loan people money just because I feel bad for them. Think first!

Start a master’s program: or at least start taking classes. Literature would be the best because I want to teach college, but this media and culture one is more in sync with what I personally love. Plus, it could still be beneficial. Better decide by April!

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