Five best Super Bowl XLIX commercials

This was probably the greatest Super Bowl in recent memory. At least the greatest last half minute. But let’s take a look at the five best commercials from the event. I’m going to stay away from trailers for films, because that’s a different ballgame. 

Esurance – “Sorta Pharmacy”
These Esurance commercials about demographics were solid all night. Bringing back Walter White to ask someone to say his name was the best of the bunch.

Snickers – “The Brady Bunch
The “Satisfied” commercials are always clever, but bringing on The Brady Bunch in a humorous way was hilarious. Danny Trejo as Marci and Steve Buscemi as Jan absolutely killed it.

Nationwide – “Invisible Mindy”
Mindy Kaling is adorable and now I can’t imagine anyone other than Julia Roberts narrating her life. Nationwide made this fun commercial, but they also made one of the worst commercials that followed. Forget that one, and rewatch this one.

Clash of Clans – “Angry Neeson”
I’m glad Liam Neeson can spoof himself. This is a short, sweet, commercial that proves simply is funny.

Budweiser – “Lost Dog”
The beer company called out hipsters and craft beer later in the night, but I’ll forgive them because this commercial brought America to tears. Bonus points for using Sleeping At Last’s cover of the Proclaimers “I’m Gonna Be.”

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