Favorite returning TV shows of 2015

Any show worth watching has already premiered in 2015 (thank you, Amazon, for waiting until the last month). Here’s a list of my favorite shows that returned this year. You’ll notice some heavy hitters missing. For instance: I unfortunately don’t watch Game of Thrones regularly. That means I realize that this isn’t a best of list. You can’t really argue with me on my personal taste. Also, this is based off of episodes airing in 2015 only; not considering the whole series. I actually left off one of my favorite shows from last year (How to Get Away with Murder) simply because this season isn’t living up to my expectations.

Here we go:

Returning TV 2015

10. You’re the Worst (FX)

What it’s about: two toxic people attempt a healthy relationship.

Why you should watch it: the show handles a main character’s depression better than any attempt on television so far. It’s an edgy comedy that knows when to throw in drama, but never overdoes it.

9. The Leftovers (HBO)

What it’s about: a tight knit group of people try to navigate the world a few years after the world’s population drops to 2%.

Why you should watch it: I’m new to this show. So far the second season is better than last year’s debut. It’s a post-tragedy show like Walking Dead that isn’t too over the top. Plus, it’s beautifully filmed.

8. The Affair (Showtime)

What it’s about: alternating and conflicting stories recounted from different people involved and affected by an affair.

Why you should watch it: while it’s not as good as first season, but it still is captivating. More perspectives were added, which adds a wrinkle to it the stories and characters we already know.

7. Mad Men (AMC)

What it’s about: you’re kidding me, right?

Why you should watch it: it’s the best slow paced drama, maybe ever. The acting, the costuming, the sets, the plot: all at the pinnacle of period pieces. Jon Hamm finally won an Emmy for this season, and I don’t think it was a “career giveaway.”

6. The Americans (FX)

What it’s about: Soviet KGB officers live a typical American live (complete with kids and a house near Washington, DC) during the Cold War.

Why you should watch it: it’s the best drama you’re not watching. The acting is superb and the writing is complex. That “what it’s about” doesn’t even cover the tip of the iceberg here. It’s something you need to binge. Now.

5. Homeland (Showtime)

What it’s about: more than a love affair with a terrorist. It explores a CIA agents complicated professional and personal life. God, that was the worst explanation.

Why you should watch it: it’s gotten past the Brody saga. Now Carrie is in Germany and her ties to the CIA are as complicated as ever, and it’s the show it was always meant to be after a short detour into “WTF territory”. Clare Danes is the best actress on television.

4. Silicon Valley (HBO)

What it’s about: a group of friends at a technology start up.

Why you should watch it: you know how everyone seems to love The Big Bang Theory, but you don’t actually know anybody who watches it? This is the “nerd” show that’s actually funny, heartwarming and actually not nerdy, but cool.

3. Transparent (Amazon)

What it’s about: a father of three finally accepts who he is and transitions to a woman. (Note: haven’t binged all of it yet, but come on.)

Why you should watch it: Jeffrey Tambor is perfection in this role. His character not only provides entertainment, but educates us. It’s one of those comedies that’s really a drama, but is technically a comedy. You know that vibe.

2. Fargo (FX)

What it’s about: it’s set in the fictional universe of the film. This season is about two crime families fighting over turf, a couple caught in the middle, and the cops who have the balls to stand up for what’s right. Oh, and it’s technically a prequel to the first season and takes place in 1979.

Why you should watch it: the soundtrack is killer. But there’s obviously so much more: the acting across the board is superior, the filming – especially the color tones – is mesmerizing, and plotting as well as character development takes its time and never rushes.

1. Veep (HBO)

What it’s about: the misadventures of the Vice President of the United States and her – her! – conquest to become president.

Why you should watch it: Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She’s the First Lady of Comedy, bar none. This satire doesn’t go too far on the goofy spectrum, but also knows what it needs to do. So many comedies end up becoming a farce of itself, but not this show. It’s “smart.” I hate when people describe show’s as smart, but this one actually is.


Next up: favorite new TV shows.

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