‘Fuller House’ is so bad, it’s good

Fuller HouseThere have been a lot of bad reviews about Netflix’s Fuller House. I haven’t read the reviews, but I understand the general feelings from critics. They’re right: it’s not a good show. But that’s okay. It’s meant to be a beat-for-beat revival of Full House. It’s a cheesy family/kids show that doesn’t need to rely on plot or acting or anything that makes a good show a good show.

The revival is cringeworthy at times. There are awkward lines, bad kid acting (and some bad adult acting, too), and cliche plots. The show is worth watching though. It’s one of those “it’s so bad, it’s good” type of shows. I binged the entire first season in one sitting with my mom. We both laughed at some of the jokes and I found myself saying “it’s cute” over and over. That’s the number one reason to watch the show. The terrible jokes that barely land are cute.  It’s a cute show that is totally worth watching, even if you don’t admit it. It’s cute enough to be renewed for a second season!

Best Episode: “War of the Roses”

Worst Episode: “The Legend of El Explosivo”

Biggest Cry-worthy Moment: “Secrets, Lies and Firetrucks” – Max never got to ride in a fire truck with his dad, who died in the line of duty.

Most WTF cameo:“Funner House” – Macy Grey singing at a club and being best friends with Stephanie.

Craziest Group Dance Sequence: There were a lot of them, but the Bollywood-inspired dance in “Partnerships in the Night” takes the cake.

Character Power Rankings: Here are the power rankings of all of the major/reoccurring characters from the first season.

16. Tommy
I wasn’t counting, but I’m pretty sure there were three times at a minimum where the entire cast was somewhere in the house, and the baby wasn’t anywhere to be found. CPS?

15. Lola
Ramona’s best friend is one of the only outside kids introduced. But she’s no Gibbler. Just there as a maybe love interest to Jackson.

14. Matt
He’s hot. That’s really it. 

13. Cosmo
This dog is no Comet, but he’s still better than a few characters. Woof.

12. Jackson
He’s the new DJ. But he is crucially underdeveloped. He’s horny and likes skateboarding. That’s all I really know.

11. Joey
All of the adults were scattered in perfectly. But he seemed like the weakest link in the ’90s, and he is again now. This comedian landed 10 shows a week in Vegas. Good for him, I guess.

10. Ramona
Maybe she’s not used as much as she should be. But she has potential. At least she brings diversity to the show.

9. Danny
He’s pretty adorable as a neurotic grandpa. I would love to see him more next season. And his wife who didn’t have any lines(?) in the pilot.

8. Jesse
Have mercy. This guy is too gorgeous.

7. Stephanie
She’s supposed to be the new Jesse. She dances (too much) and sings (too much).

6. DJ
I want to like her more. She’s a good backbone for the show. But like most main characters (Ted in HIMYM comes to mind) they’re rarely the best character on the show.

5. Becky
Her solo-returning episode (“War of the Roses”) was the best of all of the solo adult returns.

4. Steve
I originally had him lower. But then I realized he provided most of the laughs this season. His “battles” with Matt were hilarious. He hasn’t changed one but that’s okay. I’m definitely Team Steve.

3. Fernando
He’s ridiculous. For Christ’s sake his name is Fernando Hernandez-Guerrero-Fernandez-Guerrero. I need more of him in my life.

2. Max
He’s the most developed kid of the group. He’s fierce and fabulous. I hope this show lasts forever and it’s revealed he is gay. That would be a great payoff.

1. Kimmy
Who would have thought Gibbler would be the best character in the Full House-iverse. She’s over the top and goofy. She’s my mom’s favorite as well.

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