Five books to read in June

It’s no secret that I love women writers. I’m so happy this list includes five books were written by all females (well, one was co-written by a gay man). This list includes a “young adult” novel – gasp – a beachy-read, and a few high literary hitters every book lover needs add to their list.

june 2016 books1

You Know Me Well – David Levithan & Nina LeCour (6/7)

David Levithan is probably my favorite YA writer. He’s co-written a lot of books (including one with John Green). His most recent addition to that tradition is with Nina LeCour. They alternate chapters telling the story of Kate and Mark. The two are lost in the wilds of their teenage hormones and sync up at the right moment. The strangers explore what it means to be gay, in love, and confused while dealing with the tropes of being a modern American teenager.

Homecoming – Yaa Gyasi (6/7)

This is a long, historical novel about set mostly Ghana.The novel begins with two half-sisters and follows their different lives and their descendants. One is married to a wealthy Englishman; the other is sold in slavery to America. Their familial lineage grows further and further apart all the way to modern times.

The Girls – Emma Cline (6/14)

It’s 1969. A teenage girl becomes entwined with an enigmatic cult. Sound familiar? It should. It’s a fictionalized version of the Manson family. This book has been on the tip of everyone in the literary world’s tongue all year. This is one of the novels that everyone will love. Even Lena Dunham gave it a glowing review. If that means anything to you.

Bareskins – Annie Proulx (6/14)

Famous for a lot, but most famous for writing the short story that became the film Brokeback Mountain, Proulx has perhaps written her magnum opus. In the 1800s, two young men travel from France to New France and find themselves in a world they were not ready for. The novel follows their two lives, plus the lives of their descendants. Even if it sounds familiar, it’s being hailed as the literary event of the summer.

Invincible Summer – Alice Adams (6/28)

A close-knit group of college friends have big dreams about the future. However, nothing goes as planned when the future finally comes. It’s one of those novels about how we never really realize when we’re in the good ol’ days until it’s too late. AKA, one of my favorite types of novels. Adams does a tremendous job of exploring the highs and lows of adulthood we all know too well.

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