Ep. 1: Phillip-Michael Scales

IR White

I’ve started a new podcast – for real this time – where I will be interviewing emerging artists ranging from musicians to authors as well as interesting people like brewers or comic shop owners. Its name is Internal Review. You can click the above image to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.


My first guest is Phillip-Michael Scales. He’s an indie folk musician who used to play under the name Briar Rabbit until he released a 5 song acoustic EP called Melodies and Ghosts under his own name back in January 2016.

We chatted about what it’s like for a professional singer-songwriter on tour, his song “Brother, Brother” as well as his favorite memory of his uncle, the famed blues genius, BB King.

You can listen below via soundcloud until I get approved for iTunes… if that ever happens.

Be sure to follow Internal Review on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram, et al. There’s not a lot there yet, but I have 5 interviews lined up and will be releasing weekly.

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