Predicting ‘The Night Of’ finale

Let it be known: I didn’t read the synopsis for Criminal Justice, the British show HBO’s The Night Of is based off of, and I am notoriously bad at guessing series finales.

the night of

Here are some predictions for “The Call of the Wild” – the eighth and final episode of The Night Of:

Naz gets off (more on that in a second). But the criminal justice system has turned him into a criminal that he wasn’t before. We watched Naz go from, seemingly, a good American boy with some hard edges, to a heroin smoking Sinbad tattooed thug. He’s not coming out of this the same.

We never learn the truth. Co-creators Richard Price and Steve Zaillian probably will show us what happens during those missing hours of the eponymous night of, but they shouldn’t. It would be smart and poignant to leave us wondering forever what happened to Andrea Cornish.

John Stone reveals his last name is Stanowicz. The only thing worse than his fake name would be stereotypically making him Jewish and not Italian like he seems to be. Oh, and he really learns to love the cat.

That kiss is the last twist. It felt out of place, didn’t it? I’m referring to Naz’s attorney Chandra kissing him after a dramatic day in court. No, it wasn’t a dream sequence. That would be too peculiar. Naz, now a hardened criminal, somehow uses the kiss to his advantage.

Duane Reade has half off eczema cream sale the week after the finale.

Next season will be an anthology. They won’t follow Broadchurch’s approach, whose second season was about the aftermath of a murder. Instead, it will be an extended version of Ice-T’s finest SVU episode.

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  1. nikiverse says:

    I dont think they’ll leave us hanging about what happened to Andrea. If it follows the framework for The Wire, Nas will get off by some cute procedural thing that has nothing to do with what actually happened. So the inhaler via Box or the kiss via Chandra?

    I wonder if Freddy has any connection with Duane Reade bc it seems odd that Freddy would actively seek Nas out like he did.

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