New shows to watch in September 2016

Ahhh. While you’re getting exciting over crappy Pumpkin Spice Lattes and the one good Pumpkin beer coming out way too early, I’m getting excited over new television. Of course, there are some heavy hitters returning, but I came up with too many new shows to check out. I tried to get a variety of shows so that everyone can find something they like.

Below you will find shows that critics are already falling in love with, offbeat shows that might not make it (but hopefully do), as well as shows that can be called “cozy,” “fun,” or “cute.” These are the shows critics might not love, but the general public will enjoy.

Atlanta (9/6, 10pm, FX)
Donald Glover (aka rapper Childish Gambino) stars in this ode to his hometown that is a mash-up of Louie‘s auteur style and the not-bad parts of Girls. He stars as a guy trying to manage his cousin’s rap career while raising a child and staying on good terms with his baby mama.

Better Things (9/8, 10pm, FX)
Speaking of Louis CK, he co-created this series with collaborator Pamela Adlon. It’s a semi-autobiographical version of her life. Expect wry cynicism that is written to perfection. Adlon has had plenty of practice on Louie and is about to breakout for herself.

 One Mississippi (9/9, 12am, Amazon)
Comedian Tig Notaro stars as a woman who returns to rural Mississippi after her mom suddenly dies. Notaro is near the pinnacle of smart comics who mesmerized audiences with a documentary about her cancer, and she’s set to do the same with this starring role.

The Good Place (9/19, 10pm, NBC)
Kristen Bell’s character should have gone to hell. But she’s stuck in heaven with Ted Danson in a perfect little town. I mean… a good place. This is definitely for the type of people who like traditional comedy shows: it has a unique setting with two good actors, but it probably won’t push too many boundaries.

This is Us (9/20, 10pm, NBC)
NBC lost its feel-good tear jerker when Parenthood went off the air. This show looks to replace it with different storylines that feature people born on the same day. It has an all-star cast led by the guy from Gilmore Girls and the girl from A Walk to Remember.

Designated Survivor (9/21, 10pm, ABC)
The overly action-packed political thriller we all need. Keifer Sutherland stars as a low-ranking cabinet member who gets catapulted into the presidency after a bombing.

Speechless (9/21, 8:30pm, ABC)
Here’s another family comedy that falls right in line with Malcolm in the Middle and The Middle. Except it’s about a family whose matriarch will do anything for her son with cerebral palsy. It’s about time this is represented on screen.

Easy (9/22, 12am, Netflix)
This is actually an anthology series; episodic, not seasonal. Each episode features different actors in different comedic stories about love, sex, technology, culture, whatever. The cast is insanely large and filled with tremendous actors.

Pitch (9/22, 9pm, FOX)
“You play ball like a girl” should never have been an insult. And now it isn’t because this heartwarming show is about a young woman playing in the majors with the big boys. For the San Deigo Padres, sure, but still… Major League Baseball.

Crisis in Six Scenes (9/30, 12am, Amazon)
Woody Allen’s first attempt at a serialized television show. Reportedly he wasn’t too thrilled with the process, but this 1960s-set comedy feels right on par with Allen’s normal repertoire: an aged writer hanging out with younger people.

Luke Cage (9/30, 12am, Netflix)
Marvel’s recent superhero Netflix show starring the bulletproof Luke Cage we already met and already fell in love with. Just watch the damn trailer:


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