Ep. 6: Ian Metzger, Part 1 | The Gentle Hits + Dear and the Headlights

IR White

Ian Metzger was the brain and the heart behind the Phoenix indie band Dear and the Headlights. Since the band broke up, he’s been relatively under the radar, but he’s back with a new project called The Gentle Hits. 


In this first part of my interview with Ian Metzger, you’ll hear a detailed history of the band, his favorite songs from Dear and the Headlights, and learn the why/how the band broke up.

You can still find Dear and the Headlights on the internet, but be sure to check out The Gentle Hits and like them on Facebook. You can preorder the album here.

Don’t forget you can listen to original Dear and the Headlights’ guitarist Joel Marquard’s podcast interview here.

Listen to the latest episode of Internal Review below via Soundcloud or subscribe to iTunes. Be sure to follow on Facebook, Twitter, InstagramSoundcloud, et al.


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  1. Sean ODonnell says:

    First, I was one of the 33K people who purchased your album, Ian. Here in Philly, I’ve introduced so many people to DATH. Drunk Like Bible Times, for me, is up there with: OK Computer, Origins Of Symmetry, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Ten, and Ritual de Habitual. Lyrically, finer than all of those albums. Crafting the songs with the “Sims” language vowels was interesting to hear. As was the drummer lying about his age-funny stuff. Seriously, how Deer and the Headlights never blew up beyond $150 opening acts and sleeping on picnic tables…is mind blowing, and a total shame of music justice. I wish I had seen them live-just once. This “sweet talk” about a 3rd album, was any of it recorded? Can we hear any of it? Gosh, many fans would love to hear it, if it exists. The Internet, stealing their music-apparently was a total band killer-and that’s a total shame. Makes me furious. When Ian said Willetta was his favorite song, made me smile, it’s mine, too. In my life, I’ve played no song more.

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