Ep. 8: Tennyson Nobel | The Lovely Days

IR White

The Lovely Days are an upbeat band from Australia led by brothers Tennyson and Holden Nobel. Their beach vibe has undertones of ’60s pop rock like the Beatles, which makes this one of the happiest sounding bands out there.


The band’s debut self-titled EP will be released on October 8. Be sure to pick up the five-song set then, but in the meantime, listen to Tennyson describe the music scene Down Under and why he can’t wait to release as much music in 2017 as possible.

Check the band out on their website, where you can find all of their social media as well as order The Lovely Days EP.

Listen to the latest episode of Internal Review below via Soundcloud or subscribe to iTunes. Be sure to follow on Facebook, Twitter, InstagramSoundcloud, et al.

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