Listen to three Lauren Strange solo acoustic songs

Nashville-based badass musician Lauren Strange (and guest on Internal Review) stopped by WXNA 101.5FM in Nashville recently to play acoustic versions of three of her new songs.

It’s really hard to pick what to compliment Strange more on: her vocals or her impeccable guitar arrangements. Her voice simmers like sweet tea on a long summer day over her gentle plucking and strumming on all three of these solo songs.

Photo: Alex Kandel
Photo: Alex Kandel

Love is a reoccurring theme on the trio. In “Salt,” the singer tells a paramour “you burn like salt, baby, in my wound when I think of you” during the chorus. It’s a catchy line that I still haven’t gotten out of my head. “If I Could” and “Good Person” follow this pattern. Strange is tough as nails, but that doesn’t stop her from writing heartfelt lyrics.

Check out the three live acoustic tracks below. Be sure to check out my interview with her for my podcast here. Then mosey on over to her website to keep up-to-date on all of the Strangeness.

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