Writer’s Bone Podcast Episode: Emily Ruskovich

IR White

Internal Review hopped onto Writer’s Bone‘s podcast to interview Emily Ruskovich, author of Idaho, to chat about her upbringing in rural Idaho, what interests her enough to write about, and what cliches young writers should avoid.


Ruskovich grew up in rural Idaho, where she told stories to her parents before she could even write. Her rural upbringing was filled with beautiful scenery but also an eeriness that fueled her imagination. Idaho is about whether or not humans can come back from the most devastating tragedies. Her writing is lyrical – a word tossed around a lot when it comes to describing prose; however, her command of language takes this psychological novel to a whole new level.

Idaho is the type of novel that you’ll read more than once to collect all of the subtlety in Ruskovich’s writing.

Be sure to check out Emily Ruskovich’s website for more information on the writer. Also take a visit to Writer’ Bone. It’s a terrific website dedicated to finding the best writer’s out there.

Listen to the latest episode of Internal Review (via Writer’s Bone) below via Soundcloud. If you like what you hear, subscribe to my podcast via iTunes. Be sure to follow the podcast on Facebook, Twitter, InstagramSoundcloud, et al.

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