Panic Baby (fka The Real Fits) discuss name change and release new song

The Real Fits are no more. Don’t worry, the Phoenix-based band is still around and their sound is just as mesmerizing as ever. The quartet is now Panic Baby and they, like they have the past few months, plan on releasing new music as often as possible. Their latest song “Heavy” proves the band continues to perfect their precise yet atmospheric tone.

Get to know more about the band’s future after listening to “Heavy” below.

Why the name change?
The idea to rename the band Panic Baby came up during rehearsal one day and we felt an identity in it. Being a relatively new band still, Panic Baby and our 2017 releases thus far feel like we are finally making the music we’re meant to be making. Devin Russell joined as our drummer in June as well, which helped cement our identity. Panic Baby is a lyric from one of our newest songs.
You’ve released a slew of songs this year under your former name. Are those songs becoming Panic Baby songs or are you leaving them in the past?
Back in June we made the commitment to release a single every month through the end of the year. So far that has been “Pretty Bastard” (June) and “Roadblock” (July). We’ll be taking these with us as Panic Baby, but “Heavy” will be the first “official” Panic Baby release.
What can we expect from Panic Baby for the rest of the year? An album, perhaps?
We plan to stick to the goal we set for ourselves and release a single for each month for the remainder of the year. That will give us 7 songs come December. We’re flirting with the idea to package them into an EP for early 2018 but time will tell.
If you’re putting together a gig at Crescent Ballroom, which three other AZ bands do you ask to play with you?
Harper and the Moths, because they are pure energy and entertainment. Sunset Voodoo, because they rock hard and leave it all on the stage. The SunPunchers, because Betsy Ganz writes songs that speak to the soul.
What’s your favorite album from this year so far? 
Nick – Everybody Works by Jay Som
Devin – DAMN by Kendrick Lamar
Raquel – Ctrl by SZA
Jared – Ti Amo by Phoenix

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