We’ve made it to Ghost Island’s not-so-Elite Eight

Poor Jenna. I didn’t really know what she sounded like until the previous episode. Today she finally got some content before… well, getting her inevitable boot. She was an expected casualty. Michael was as well. In a sense. He was a heavy hitter, but I never thought he had a chance.

Oh — spoilers, by the way.

I’m not here to talk about who got voted off. My eyes have been set on the Final Tribal Council for weeks now. There are only four big fish really, and four sitting ducks. Maybe I shouldn’t mix animal metaphors, but come on. You get it. I’ve been set on Dom and Wendell for weeks – WEEKS – now. I’ll get to them later. Let’s look at a likely boot order.

8. Sebastian

He’s disappeared. Sea Bass was in the mix near the beginning as a potential Rook, but ended up as a Pawn. He had some say in Jenna going home, but that was predestined once the mini-tribes were set. Plus, he and Jenna are the cutest Survivor Instagram couple, so him leaving soon gives them more time at Ponderosa.

7. Chelsea

If you know who Purple Kelly is, you know Chelsea is about to take that crown from her. She’s had next-to-zero confessionals all season. Odd considering she has two immunity wins. I don’t think she quits or is a med evac. I’m not sure why the editors are ignoring her. My only thought is that she goes out in a very unglamorous way.

6. Kellyn

Here is my first shocker. I love Kellyn. She’s on my work fantasy league team (along with Gonzales, Morgan, Wendell, and Dom) and was one of my preseason favorites. Her Naviti strong is going to bite her hard though. She is playing too narrow-minded. Additionally, she may even go out before Sebastian thanks to that not-so-sneaky extra vote situation.

5. Donathan

He’s a great character with a great personal arc. He went from being a gay kid in a small rural town who never met a black person to turning into a worldly man whose closest ally is Laurel. I love him. My mom loves him and is going to be mad I have him not making FTC. Sorry, Linda.

4. Angela

I don’t know much about her. I recall seeing on the interwebz that the winner of the food challenge nearly always makes the final four. I’m not a good blogger and didn’t even research that. I just believe in the Survivor Gods weird, goofy stats.

FTC – Laurel, Wendell, Dom

So, here we are. My predicted FTC. I know we have that bullshit fire challenge to get to the final three. I think either Wendell or Dom wins the Final Immunity Challenge and obviously, they take one another directly to the final three. They’re the new Hatch and Rudy or JT and Fishbach. Neither could win while the other doesn’t make it to FTC. With how the final four happens now, it’s going to all but guarantee whoever does win the final immunity necklace will, in fact, walk away as the Sole Survivor. There is no way in my mind that Laurel wins because of how the tribe dynamics have shaken out so far. Who knows though. I am just spitballing now. Maybe one of my FTC gets blindsided early and Donathan actually wins it all.

However, I’m pretty certain Dom is winning. I hate gambling, but I would bet that he gets the million. (Even though I’m rooting for Wendell; the same as I was rooting for Fishy.)

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