MLB predictions sure to be wrong (2017 edition)

Spring is in the air, summer is quickly approaching, and Major League Baseball’s Opening Day was a roaring success. The Baltimore Orioles, my favorite team, won in extras; The Arizona Diamondbacks, my favorite National League team (and hometown heroes), came back in the bottom of the ninth to win in dramatic fashion. Unfortunately, the betting man in me has them both missing the playoffs.

My NBA predictions turned out to be pretty accurate (I’ll have a follow-up once the playoffs start). I surprisingly don’t have as high of hopes for America’s Pastime because so much can happen over the entire season.

Here are a few predictions sure to be wrong.

American League East

My beloved Orioles’ pitching stinks, but I think Manny Machado, Adam Jones, Chris Davis, and Mark Trumbo are the nicest foursome of bats in the league. That being said, they’re not making the playoffs. They’ve consistently over-performed compared to expectations, but it looks like the Boston Red Sox are leaping into elite territory this year. Also, expect one of the Wild Cards to come out of here; most likely the Toronto Blue Jays.

American League Central

The Cleveland team will bounce back from a crushing World Series defeat to win the division again. They won’t have much competition and the recent World Series champion Royals will hover around .500 if they’re lucky.

American League West

This is the division that will have the best battle. The Houston Astros will edge out the Seattle Mariners for the top spot in the playoffs. Don’t worry though. The VIT envisions the Mariners winning the ridiculously unneeded WC game before losing to a division winner in the maximum amount of games.

National League East

This is the Washington Nationals year to mess it all up again. They’ll have a comfortable lead against a surging New York Mets team in September, but will most likely lose in the Divisional round of the playoffs. That team from Queens will go deeper than the division winner.

National League Central

I wasn’t rooting for the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series. (Sorry friends, ex-girlfriends, and random people who love the Cubbies even though they have no ties to Chicago.) They’ll once again win the division and will battle for the best record in all of baseball.

National League West

The best west coast rivalry in all of sports will duke it out for a playoff position. Whoever wins the division between the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers will get bragging rights while the other will lose in the Wild Card round.

MVPs, Cy Youngs, and other predictions

There will be TWO NEW MVPs. Manny Machado will take the crown in the AL while reigning unanimous NL Rookie of the Year Corey Seager will be the young stud America falls in love with.

Chris Sale is the best pitcher the casual fan has never heard of. He’s left the Midwest for the growing evil Red Sox Empire and will lead them to glory. As for the NL Cy Young? Come on, y’all. It’s Clayton Kershaw.

The Postseason and World Series champions

I’ve alluded to the Nationals crumbling while their division rival Mets go far. That’s true. Mark my words.

Kershaw will finally not lose his magic in the playoffs, but they’ll still fall short to a Wild Card team.

Those lovable Cubbies will end up back in the NLCS against the Mets who will push them to seven games.

That Cleveland team has a lot to worry about. My all seeing eye predicts the Red Sox and the Astros to be fighting it out in the ALCS. The winner of this matchup wins it all.

That’s right. Either the Red Sox will win their fourth championship and break the tie with the Giants for most World Series rings this millennium (they both have three). Or the Astros will win their first World Series ever.

I know not picking a champion is a cop out… but whatever.

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