Now, Now has returned after 5 years of silence; listen to “SGL” now

Now, Now spent the last half decade in relative silence. Cacie Dalager and Brad Hale became roommates and posted normal twenty-something photos on Instagram and shared their thoughts on Twitter. Hale produced songs and created artwork for a variety of indie musicians across the country, but Dalager remained an enigma.


Fans of the Minneapolis band will notice a name missing: Jess Abbott is no longer apart of the project. She’s been busy zigzagging across the country as Tancred – which produced my favorite album last year.

Without her, the best friends continued on as a duo and finally came out of the dark. Their 2012 breakout Threads explored the insecurities of life. “SGL” the new single released on NPR today, shows a matured band. It’s an impeccable return for Now, Now with everything that made them become such indie darlings five years ago.

What starts as a slow burn stripped down love song turns into a dreamy pop vibe. Dalager’s catchy guitar plays gently under her sweeping vocals (I want to say it reminds me of the sensualness of George Michael’s “Faith” – a hushed confident whisper) while Hale’s percussion and production puts this on a level that proves Now, Now isn’t messing around now. Not that they ever were.

There’s no official word on an album release date as of now. You can get a sense of Hale’s art direction for the product – pale pinks, beiges, and other pastels that might have something to do with the sky and their surroundings. We’ll wait for more, but for now: please listen to “SGL” (Shotgun Love) over and over. You can catch them on tour in July if you’re in the Midwest or the northeast.


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